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Sweet Shop Selection Box

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Sweet Shop Selection Box

Walker's Original Toffee
Walker's toffee, when bought in the trays was shipped with a small hammer used to smash the hard toffee into small pieces. In this case, whacking the package against a table edge will have the same result. From the heart of the Potteries in Longton, Stoke on Trent, Walker’s Nonsuch is one of Britain’s oldest makers of traditional toffee since 1894.
100g Bar.

Taveners Jelly Babies
'Jelly Babies' have been around since 1885. Jelly Babies are a type of soft sugar jelly sweet, shaped as plump babies in a variety of colors. Jelly babies make frequent appearances in the popular British series Dr Who, being the TimeLord's favorite sweet often offered to strangers to diffuse tense situations. 
165g bag.

Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts
Bassett's, was a British confectionery company founded in Sheffield by George Bassett in 1842. Perhaps the company's best-known sweets, the Liquorice Allsorts, were created by accident in 1899. Salesman Charlie Thompson dropped the samples of several different products in front of a prospective client. The client was taken by the idea of selling the sweets all mixed up and in return for the success, the company allowed the client to name the new brand.
250g bag.

Walker's Chocolate Eclairs
An Éclair is usually an oblong choux pastry with a variety of fillings and topped with icing. Those are good too, but a British chocolate eclair is a twist wrapped caramel or toffee with milk chocolate centers. 
150g Bag.

Barrett's Sherbet Fountain x2
Something for the kids! This is a real treat from my childhood and my own kids' favorite. Sold since 1925, The Sherbet Fountain consists of fizzy sherbet and a stick made from licorice.

Known for its unique "bubbly" texture that collapses as the bar melts, this is an amazing treat for Americans to try.

One of the UK's best milk chocolate bars.

Terry's Chocolate Orange Bar
Delicious milk chocolate made with real orange oil since 1931. 

Lion Bar
Chocolate filled wafer, caramel and crisp cereal covered in milk chocolate.

Fry's Chocolate Cream
Rich dark chocolate with a smooth fondant center.

Large Milkybar

"The Milkybars are on me!" A large Sharing block of creamy white chocolate. A kids' favorite in the UK. 

Individual milk chocolate-coated sweets with a caramel and biscuit center.

A British favorite - with 90 million bars produced each year. Drifter is a biscuit wafer with a caramel layer covered in milk chocolate.

Turkish Delight
Find out why Edmund Pevensie was so entranced by this treat. Rose-flavored Turkish delight surrounded by milk chocolate.

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