Laldy: A Scottish word meaning to sing or do proudly; with great gusto. is a new CHRISTIAN, LIBERTY and FAMILY focused media group designed to encourage Scottish people to discover a vision for a Scotland revived by faith and personal freedom.  Join us as we produce engaging media, provide edifying commentary, and organise UK and US events! 


Give it Laldy for
The Lord!

With so many church pews sitting empty every Sunday, it's obvious we need to have another Reformation. Scotland can't prosper and can't be free unless we get this one thing right.  We need to acknowledge that as a nation we are fully reliant on God for our peace and prosperity. Let us repent of our sins and be moved as a nation to love God and follow his laws.


Give it Laldy for

 The Scots were once famed for their personal responsibility and resourcefulness. Let's be done with the nanny state and the ever expanding intrusive government, whether it's in Edinburgh, Westminster, or Brussels. Let us release ourselves from the bureaucrats and meddlers who have claimed unjust jurisdiction over every aspect of our lives.

Give it Laldy for

The family is the most important building block of any society. Scotland, like most of the west, suffers from a severe breakdown of the family unit.  Scotland has engaged in the most shameful aspect of our of our modern age, Abortion. Let us 'open our mouth' for those that can't do it for themselves  - and end the murder of the pre-born Scottish child.


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